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Thank You's

Where real people can say thank you to other really kind people.

Posted 07/23/2017
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Thanks for the $15 Domino's Pizza gift card to whoever bought it for me! The kids were out with their father, I was home alone and didn't want to cook. I ran a bath, ordered pizza, and relaxed my butt off! Thanks again!

Posted 10/03/2017
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Honestly, I didn't think anyone would buy me pizza, but they did! I can't believe it. I needed it sorely. I literally was down to a few cans of beans in my pantry and the following few days would have been HELL! Thank you so much! PS - my neighbor found my wallet! God, what a great week!

Thank you so much!
Posted 10/23/2017
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Can't believe this was actually a thing, thank you for making our day!