BuyMePizza | About


I'm Brian, the creator of, and I just really love pizza. #Buymepizza came from a shitty day I was having — this company I had given a chunk of my soul to was asking me to move away from my beloved home in Hawaii, I was trying to blow off some steam in the surf that day and my board nose-dived in to the reef and snapped in half, and my bicycle had a flat tire! It was just crap.
I went for a drive and called a friend to vent, he invited me over that night for a beer and pizza at sunset. That moment couldn’t have made me happier — that ice cold beer, that warm beach sand, the saucy pizza, squinting and laughing my ass off all the way through the golden hour.
That's when the idea popped in my head "Why don't I create something so we can all help each other out and send each other a little pizza on a shitty day?". Vent your shitty day, someone out there can read it and buy you a gift card. That pizza buyer gets rewarded by being entered in four prize drawings! Sounds cool, and it could probably help some starving college kids out, right?