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It's my birthday
Posted 09/21/2017
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Today is my 23rd birthday!! 5 years ago I left home and went out to face the world. I have been alone and havent celebrated a birthday since. I know its a long shot at 3a.m. but I thought maybe today could be my day for the first time in 5 years. Happy bday to me! #ahungryarmyvet #foreveralone

Really hungry please help
Posted 09/15/2017
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I have not eaten all day and I have epilepsy so its kinda dangerous someone help please

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Pregnant and craving pizza
Posted 09/14/2017
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I'm 3 months pregnant and all I want is a pizza. I'm home alone till Saturday as my boyfriend is on a business trip and I don't have money for pizza. Please please help with this!!!! I just want a pizza. Btw attached my sonogram I got this morning

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On a roller coaster that only goes down
Posted 09/10/2017
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Ive pretty much had the worst summer of my life, but to keep it short I'll just tell you the situation I'm in now. I've been struggling with money, and been living check to check. I'm a full time college student and athlete, and also work 6 days a week, yet I'm still struggling as I have many bills and am not getting help from my parents. Anyways, yesterday my horse had a medical emergency and I had to call the vet out and leave work to take care of him. The vet bill took every bit of money that I have right now. Not sure yet if he will fully recover or if he will go further downhill. I'm starving, have no food, and no money. So if someone wants to buy me some pizza I would be sooooooo happy ❤️

Um help please ?
Posted 09/03/2017
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I'll be honest I've been stuck in my friends house for 8 hours an still have 2 or 3 hours to go an they dont have any food in there house and they don't get paid till next week I think an I don't have money so I'm just very hungry so it would be for me an them i would appreciate any help but if not I understand. Thank you

Broke and hungryyyy
Posted 08/11/2017
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I cant begin to tell you how retardedly stupid happy i would be if I could get pizza right now.... it would make my year though ...seriously !

023 feed me and tell me i am pretty svg cut file

Party. Broke.
Posted 08/06/2017
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Had a party last night. I passed out and my friends took my debit card to McDonald's. they spent $107 on McDonald's!!!! I overdrafted. Now I'm hungover and broke! Help!

That Cat CRAY!!
Posted 07/26/2017
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Y'all. I am not a cat person at all. But my roommates who are not very nice bullied me into agreeing to let an adopted cat live in our tiny apartment. Hair. Is. Everywhere. And now they're never home and the poor cat is lonely and wants to cuddle, but if i give it the love it wants, I won't be able to breathe. The poor thing. Please. Buy us a pizza, we are sad!!

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Feeling Abandoned
Posted 07/25/2017
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Everyone I am close with is leaving me for France at the end of the week. I am feeling very down in the dumps. I will be all alone. At least I might have a pizza?

dog diarrhea
Posted 07/23/2017
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I woke up this morning to dog diarrhea all over my bed